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  Exclusive design, comfortable sofas, stylish interior, European, Ukrainian and Japanese cuisine, a bar with amazing alcohol cocktails - all this is on the highest level.

   The heart of any karaoke club a high-quality sound and new songs, therefore the room is equipped with modern professional karaoke system and playlist always keeps up to date.

   Having visiting our karaoke club, you will have the availability to feel yourself as real Superstar and to sing your favorite song, about which you have dreamed before.

  Our Vip-guests are famous celebrities of show business sphere. Harmonious balance of karaoke club and inflammatory disco of the De Luxe Party Hall provides guests a double portion of emotions.

Work mode:

From Monday to Sunday since 20:00 till 5:30

Karaoke cost depends on the number of people at the table:

From 1 to 3 people
120,00 uah

From 4 to 7 people
250,00 uah

From 8 people
400,00 uah

Terms and Rules:

   Each table performs songs on a first-come order according to the number of table.

   If at the time of song performance a performer is absent, turn automatically moves to the next table.

   If the table consists of 1-3 guests, each table has a right to perform severally one song.

   If the table consists of 5-7 guests - 2 songs, if 8 and more - 3 songs.

  Also, each table has a right to perform 3 extra songs and 1 extraordinary song free of turn by one lap.    

The cost of the first additional song is - 150,00 uah
The cost of second additional - 300,00 uah
The cost of third additional - 500,00 uah
The cost of extraordinary song (break the circle) 500,00 uah