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Rules of staying in De Luxe nightclub:

Administration of the nightclub (hereinafter is – n.c.) guarantees a pleasant and safe recreation on the territory of n.c. for visitors only within implementation of all following rules. Rules apply for ALL visitors of n.c.

Following rules of attendance are established in De Luxe night club:

- Charged entrance into De Luxe after 23:00 a.m.
- After 23:00 a.m. entrance is permitted for girls over 18 years and men as 21 years passed.
- While visiting De Luxe in the evening, visitors have to pass control and visual kit inspection.
- Visitors take full responsibility for salvage (negligently or deliberately) and destroyed property.
- Visitors have to be financially liable on full amount for the salvage or destroyed property.
- Video and photo on the territory of n.c. are possible only with the approval of administration. 
- N.c. administration retains the right to make changes into entrance rules without public statement. 

Following things are PROHIBITED at De Luxe: 

- Bringing and drinking of alcohol beverages and other foods.
- Smoking and drugs consumption on the dance floor.
- Interfering the work of n.c. staff, and also work of musicians and artists.
- Entrance in sportswear and shoes, swimming suits, briefs, dirty and dilapidated clothes.
- To bring firearms and cold steel arms, piercing and cutting objects.
- Entrance for individuals who, in the opinion of the administration, prone to drinking or drug trafficking. 
-Entrance for individuals who, in the opinion of the administration, prone to illegal actions against the visitors, guests, staff and property of the institution. 
- Entrance for individuals who drink alcohol in front of the NÑ.

In case of violation previous rules, the administration reserves the right to:

- Perform photo and video record of the offender`s actions.
- Bring out the offender of the building without the money refund for the ticket. 
- Set a ban on visiting the institution for a particular person. 

DRESS CODE and FACE CONTROL are established in De Luxe:

   Dress code - more often, unwritten rules with regard to clothing, which indicate person`s belongs to a specific professional or social group. Face Control - entrance limiting, selective refusal in service of visitors (customers) which do not comply certain criteria.

   The right of establishment’s attendance since 23:00 a.m. is permitted only after purchasing of entrance ticket (by means of a paper bracelet, which attaches to the arm). Purchased ticket is a proof that the visitor fully accepts the rules of the establishment.

   Visitor is fully responsible for damaged or lost ticket (paper bracelet). In case of absence of ticket on the arm, which is the certifying of payment, administration retains the right to consider the visitor as one, who had not bought entrance ticket and is obligated to purchase it or leave the establishment of De Luxe.

  After the purchasing of a ticket, administration of De Luxe is not responsible for refusing to use establishment`s services and does not return the money, spent on the purchase of ticket (paper bracelet).

   As De Luxe is a private establishment of closed type, therefore for some reasons and under certain circumstances some individuals may be refused for visiting of n.c. without reason explanation.

   Administration of n.c. makes decisions on all issues for considered or not considered in this document situations, as in its discretion it may think fit. All decisions are irreversible and non-negotiable.  


Sincerely yours,
Administration of De Luxe